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Posted on: 20.09.2016

We’ve had a fantastic time supporting 10:10 Solar Schools, helping inspire schools around the country to raise enough money to fit solar panels on their roofs.

Sadly, after five years, the project will be coming to a close with the start of the new school year – but what a five years it’s been.

The magic of solar schools

Since the start of the campaign in 2011, 80 schools have gone solar, raising an incredible £723,000 in the process.

With local communities and parents getting right behind them, schools have baked and eaten over 15,000 cakes, run solar sleepovers at their schools and even held art competitions - thanks to help from Good Energy.

We believe renewables have a really important part to play in the UK’s energy future, and getting children excited about solar is so important. Solar Schools did this in buckets, and it’s been incredible to support the project from start to finish,

Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy.

The money raised has helped install over 2,000 solar panels, enough to save nearly 3,900 tonnes of CO2 over the next 25 years – that’s around 38,940 baby elephant’s worth of CO2.

More importantly, it’s got more than 30,000 pupils interested in renewable energy, solar power and creating a sustainable future for their school – a hugely worthwhile achievement.

Thanks to 10:10, all of the schools and pupils and everyone who donated to the project – hasn’t it been great!

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