Bush Theatre: Greening the arts by championing sustainability

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Posted on: 08.09.2016

Bush Theatre London

World famous west London arts venue the Bush Theatre, an internationally renowned champion of playwrights and new productions, switched to Good Energy in August 2015.

Cat and Leonie from the Bush team told us about the theatre’s illustrious history, its switch to Good Energy, and why stewardship of the environment is now front and centre of everything they do.

A sustainable theatre for the community

Established in 1972 in the upstairs dining room of an Irish pub, the Bush has become famous as one of the nation’s best new writing theatres, and a trailblazer for sustainability in the arts.

Four years ago the theatre moved from the pub into the old Shepherd’s Bush Library, and since buying their power from Good Energy, the Bush has reduced its electricity carbon footprint to zero.

“We’re inspired by the communities that surround us, and we want a theatre that reflects this”, said Leonie.

“That’s why we’re also making some significant environmental improvements to their building in 2016. To make our space more accessible and more sustainable, we’re putting in a new street level entrance, new glazing and a ‘living’ roof.”

This work is on top of other environmental measures ranging from targeting zero landfill waste, using only energy efficient equipment and a strict rule on using only recycled paper.

“We’re a busy theatre which means we use lots of high energy items like stage lights, but we ensure that these are only turned on when necessary”, said Cat.

“We’re also big tea drinkers – we make about 50 cups every day so the kettle is in pretty constant use!”

Bush Theatre Artist Impression

The Bush has a monthly electricity usage of 8,000 kWh, so by switching to Good Energy it automatically saves three tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year.

Why Good Energy? 

“That’s why we were really pleased with the move to Good Energy as we feel it is a much more responsible way of using electricity,” said Cat.

“We have found that going green has been incredibly well received by our audiences – it’s something that contemporary theatre goers are coming to expect from the arts. I would tell any similar organisations looking to switch to think about where the energy is coming from and whether it is sustainable.”

The value of green

The Bush Theatre is an organisation that has recognised the value of embedding sustainability into its practices, ethics and ethos.

As a result of its work, the Bush was recently awarded the three star Industry Green certification (the highest possible rating) by Good Energy’s partners, Julie's Bicycle. 


The theatre is a shining example of another forward-thinking business responding to the challenges of climate change by choosing 100% renewable electricity. A big congratulations to them!

Switch your business to Good Energy too and cut your electricity carbon footprint to zero.

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