Bread, brownies and buns…all made from Good Energy

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Posted on: 15.08.2016

In East Bristol, baker Alex Poulter is creating something extra tasty for his customers' thanks to a little help from Good Energy's 100% renewable electricity.

First opening its doors in October 2012, the East Bristol Bakery has been supplying handmade bread and delicious treats using organic ingredients to the local community ever since.

But where did it all start and why did the bakery choose to be powered by Good Energy? We spoke to Alex to find out.

Heart of the community

‘Before I opened the shop, I had very little experience working as a baker, and had never run my own business. However, after quitting my job in May 2012, I decided there was nothing else I wanted to be,’ says Alex.

Whilst there is a small element of selling to similarly minded cafes and restaurants in Bristol, we are primarily a retail bakery and our main focus is on customers who come through the door.

We’re open plan so everything is made in open view of our customers strengthening the connection between us bakers and the community. We wouldn’t be able to continue without their constant support.’

 An extra special ingredient

But for Alex, it’s not just about baking with the freshest, most local and organic ingredients; he also wants to make sustainability a key part of the business.

‘We try our best to be as ‘green’ as possible. I take the view that it is important to consider all the little things we take for granted. That’s why all our bread is wrapped in reusable tissue paper, and we rely on our customers to bring their own bags. For a very long time we did all our deliveries by bicycle as well!’

And it doesn’t stop there – the bakery, like Alex's own home, has been a Good Energy customer from the start.

"The two things that interest me most are sustainable food production and long term energy security"

'We know that the bakery is going to use a lot of electricity, so that energy had to come from 100% renewable sources. It just made sense,’ said Alex.

‘We chose to use Good Energy because it is consistent with the standards of our business. They’ve also recently partnered with Bristol Pound which for me was a great decision. It reminds us that we need to be considering local solutions to guarantee future sustainable and secure energy production.

‘If any business is considering switching to a renewable energy supplier like Good Energy, I would tell them to go for it!’

Organic September

This September Good Energy is really excited to be teaming up with the Soil Association to sponsor Organic September for the fourth year running.

Just like buying organic bread, making a small change to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity and green gas is a fast, simple and easy process that everyone can do. Plus it can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Thinking about taking your home or business in a greener direction? Want to sign up to 100% renewable electricity and green gas today? Find out more about Organic September, including how to switch and what we’re doing this year.

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