Good for your pet, good for the planet

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Posted on: 08.08.2016

Eight years ago, Henrietta Morrison was inspired by her adorable border terrier Lily to create a brand of wholesome, organic dog food.

Today, Lily’s Kitchen makes natural and delicious food for cats and dogs, providing an ethical alternative that’s good for pets and great for the planet.

And they’re also one of the many organic businesses who've made the switch to Good Energy's 100% renewable electricity for business too!

Why Good Energy?

‘We support companies which provide an alternative to major suppliers and when we found out that Good Energy were 100% renewable and British, we signed up straight away,’ says Henrietta. 'We should all take responsibility for our environmental impact and switching to Good Energy is a great (and easy) step in the right direction.’

‘Lily’s Kitchen and Good Energy are also both in the Good Shopping Guide’s ‘World’s Top 10 Most Ethical Companies’ which makes our partnership even more special.'

Paw of approval

Lily’s battle with itchy skin became the inspiration for Henrietta's healthy pet food after discovering what regular dog food was made from. 

‘Our recipes contain all natural, organic ingredients from farmers and producers who are committed to great quality produce. We only use sustainable fish, and much of our meat comes from single source estates. And seven years on, Lily is healthy as can be!’

This September Good Energy is proud to be sponsoring the Soil Association's Organic September for the fourth year running.

Just like buying organic, making a small change to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity and green gas is a fast, simple and easy process that everyone can do. Plus it can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Want to sign up today? Find out more about Organic September, including how to switch and what we’re doing for it. 

Lily’s Kitchen products are on sale throughout the UK. 

Ready to switch?