A Tea-riffic way to reduce your carbon footprint

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Posted on: 05.08.2016

Organic September is almost upon us and we’re delighted to announce that for the fourth year running we’re teaming up with the Soil Association to help spread the word!

There are now more organic businesses than ever, like our friends Pukka Herbs, who made the switch to renewable energy, using Good Energy to help fulfil their sustainable mission.

Get organic, get renewable

Pukka staff enjoying an outing


“Good Energy has played a big part in us becoming certified carbon neutral, which means our tea is greener than ever before,” says Vicky Murray, Pukka’s sustainability manager.


“Pukka means authentic, and it’s at the heart of everything we do”.

“Our mission has always been to inspire people to think more about protecting the planet. This can mean making small, simple and ethical changes to your lifestyle, just like switching to a renewable supplier for your energy.”

Over the years, Pukka has strengthened its planet-friendly ethos by working with like-minded organisations with an obsession for organic and enthusiasm for clean energy.

With herbs from the Organic Herb Trading Companyand packing by Infusion GB, Pukka has built a uniquely ethical supply chain – and we’re proud to say that all three businesses are powered by Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity!

A small change

We believe that switching your energy supply and choosing organic should be as easy as making a cup of tea! It doesn’t require a huge lifestyle change, rather making slight changes that can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Making a small change to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity and green gas is a fast, simple and easy process that everyone can do.

Want to sign up today? Find out more about Organic September, including how to switch and what we’re doing for it. 

Ready to switch?