Turns Out the Sky is NOT the Limit!

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Posted on: 27.07.2016

Remember the date July 26th 2016: in the future, it will mark the anniversary of the first time anyone managed to circumnavigate the globe using just solar power.

The Solar Impulse is finally making its way back to Abu Dhabi, UAE after an eventful trip that started last March. Throughout its journey, this solar flight smashed a number of outstanding aviation records including the world record for both distance and duration for solar aviation, and the longest non-stop flight without refuelling.

Upon landing the Solar Impulse team will have a few more accolades under their belt, but more importantly they are making a very clear statement about the future of solar energy within wider applications.

Solar Impulse is very different from a standard commercial plane in several core areas:

  • Wide wingspan of 72m
  • Extremely lightweight at just 2.3 tonnes
  • Boasts 17,000 solar cells within its wings
  • Powered by electric motors
  • Uses lithium-ion batteries to provide power during night hours

While this model isn’t quite up to commercial flight standards, it marks a very reassuring start to solar powered air travel.

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind

Nearly 50 years since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, his infamous statement made while placing his boot on the dusty surface of the moon seems as fitting a quote as any. This trip isn’t just one team’s effort to achieve a target; it marks a significant shift in how many people may think about renewable technology.

Pilot of the Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard, has stated that while solar power won’t replace jet-engines altogether, he does believe that within the decade electric aeroplanes will be a very real commodity, especially for short to medium-haul flights. 

By gradually phasing out fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy sources we’re likely to see a much greater global shift towards green energy.  

Solar Power Pioneers

Juliet Davenport, founder of Good Energy, said:

Turns out the Sky is NOT the limit. The Solar Impulse flight marks a page in the history books for both pioneering innovation and renewables.

While commercial flights may still be a few years away, this feat proves the power of solar and I hope starts a revolution in people’s minds about how we use cleaner, greener technologies.

A huge congratulations to the team for their sheer determination over the last year to complete this mission.

While we may not be flying a solar powered plane around the world, Good Energy are offering our customers a way of going on a solar powered adventure of their own thanks to our 100% renewable electricity generated from UK based solar sites, hydro plants, biofuel and wind farms

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