The award-winning hydroelectric project powering our 100% renewable promise

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Posted on: 04.05.2016

The Pershore Weir Hydro Project on the River Avon in Worcestershire started generating renewable electricity in August 2014.

The power supplied from the scheme goes directly to Pershore Leisure Centre on the opposite bank of the river, with any surplus sold to Good Energy as part of our 100% renewable fuel mix.

Charles Hudson, who developed the scheme, told us more about his award-winning project and why he is so passionate about renewable energy.

How does hydro work?

Working with nature to generate clean energy

Pershore hydro generation project


“I’ve been farming along the banks of the River Avon in for over forty years”, said Charles.

“After suffering devastating floods in 1998 and 2007, I decided to use the water in a more proactive way, rather than be defeated by it.”


Choosing a solution which would provide benefits for local people and wildlife whilst addressing the flooding problem, Charles funded his own hydroelectricity project.

The flow of the river is used to drive two eight-metre long Archimedes screw turbines, which generate enough electricity for 211 average UK homes per year.

Local canoeists are feeling the advantages of the project too.

“The artificial watercourse built to channel water to the turbines acts as a perfect training area for canoeists” continued Charles.

“There’s also a canoe pass, which means both paddlers and migrating fish have a safe route through.”

Charles Hudson Pershore Hydro

The UK’s best hydroelectric power scheme

As a testament to Charles’ work, the Pershore Weir Hydro Project has been recognised nationally, winning ‘best hydro scheme’ at this year’s Energy Now awards.

“I feel passionately about renewables, and believe they’re key to a sustainable future”, Charles said when accepting the award.

“There’s a huge amount of public enthusiasm for generating energy from natural resources.”

Making a positive impact to the environment

Charles is the sort of switched on, positive person we love at Good Energy – someone who sees the opportunity to create a positive impact for people and the environment.

He’s protecting his farm against flooding, providing habitats for wildlife and supplying 100% renewable electricity, helping us keep our 100% renewable promise.


Switch to Good Energy and power your home or business with electricity from certified, independent renewable electricity generation in the UK.

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