2015 figures show the growth of green energy in the UK

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Posted on: 01.04.2016

At Good Energy we think it’s important to celebrate progress.

So the news that renewables now account for 25% of the UK’s electricity generation really gave us something to shout about.

The latest government statistics revealed that a quarter of all our power needs came from British sunshine, wind and rain last year.

It’s testament to our world class renewable resources that clean, green generation is now a major player in UK energy.

Renewables beating coal and nuclear

We often come up against a perception that renewables play an insignificant role in powering the country, but these new stats demonstrate the lack of accuracy in this view.

In fact, renewables are now the second biggest generator of electricity in the UK – just 5% behind gas and ahead of both coal and nuclear, which account for 23% and 21% respectively.

Renewables reached 4% just a decade ago, so it’s grown by more than 20% in 10 years. We think that’s growth any economist would be impressed by.

Scotland leading the change

The UK is making great progress towards a truly zero carbon energy system, but it is in Scotland where the greatest strides are being made.

Scotland sourced 57.7% of its electricity from renewable sources last year, crushing its 50% target by some margin. Scotland currently holds around 85% of the UK's hydroelectricity resource, with capacity standing at 1.54GW and another 1.2GW available to exploit through mico-hydro projects. 

This comes soon after the closure of the last coal plant in Scotland, marking a significant step in the move away from fossil fuels.

Summiting the CO2 mountain 

Good Energy was set up more than 15 years ago with a clear mission: to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

This is why official stats such as these are so important – it demonstrates that the commitment of our customers to a cleaner, greener future is making a real difference.

The tide has now turned, with UK carbon dioxide emissions dropping below 500 million tonnes for the first time since Queen Victoria was on the throne.

That’s still a big number, but now we’ve summited the peak of CO2 emissions in the UK we can get really get moving on the journey back down the mountain.

With evidence showing that economic growth and emissions have been truly decoupled, it’s time to pick up the pace.

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