Our new solar farm: waving hello to 5MW

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Posted on: 19.02.2016

You may have done a double-take when you saw pictures on Twitter of our new wavy solar farm in Dorset.

Oakland’s undulating rows are unusual, that’s for sure, but they are just as effective as the more conventional straight panels. Importantly, they’ve helped us keep environmental impact to a minimum.

Building a solar farm

Keeping our impact to a minimum is always a priority when we’re building a solar farm. For instance, we don’t use concrete to create a foundation for the panels: instead, long stakes are driven into the ground.

This means there’s little disturbance to the earth during installation, and even less when they come to be removed. It also means we didn’t have to do too much digging to level the uneven ground at Oaklands.

To make sure none of the panels in the ‘bendy’ formation are in shadow, we’ve left slightly wider gaps between the rows – so though the panels look a bit odd, they’re still capturing the sun’s rays and turning them into electricity.


How many solar farms does Good Energy have?

The 5MW site at Oaklands is our seventh solar farm, and our third in Dorset. It means we’re now generating enough electricity from the sun to power around 1,300 homes a year.

We’ve also got two wind farms – Delabole and Hampole – and we buy our power from more than a thousand local, green generators across Britain to keep our 100% renewable electricity promise.

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