Renewable ice-cream? Just another day down on Mackie’s farm

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Posted on: 28.01.2016

At Good Energy, we’re proud to be part of and support the movement towards a cleaner, greener renewable future.

We buy power from over 1,000 renewable generators from across Britain, including one of the UK’s most well-known and well-loved ice cream companies. 


Mackie’s of Scotland has been generating its own renewable energy since 2005, so we wanted to know why they made the move to greener energy – and why they chose to work with Good Energy.

Part of Scotland’s renewable revolution

‘We try and make everything we can on the farm– from the ingredients to the packaging. That’s why it made perfect sense to try and generate our own energy as well,’ says Karin Hayhow, Mackie’s Marketing Director and one of the three Mackie siblings who currently own the company.

‘Since 2005 we have installed four wind turbines, 400kW of biofuel generators to heat the office and farm housing, and recently introduced a 1.8MW solar farm - the largest solar farm in Scotland – itself capable of generating enough energy to make over 4 million litres of ice cream!. This is all part of our £6.5m investment in renewable energy on the farm and drive to become entirely self-sufficient.’

With renewable energy recently breaking records in Scotland, Mackie’s now produces a total of 10.5million kwH of green electricity each year, with any surplus energy bought by Good Energy as part of our diverse renewable fuel mix.

Why choose Good Energy?

‘As newcomers to the energy market  back in 2005, we liked the values and proposition behind Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity offering as well as their culture of working with and supporting smaller, independent generators’ said Karin.


‘On top of that Good Energy provide a fair price, their systems are straight forward and their personal and friendly service is exceptional.

‘Good Energy is a company with a genuine interest in helping the UK achieving a future that is powered purely by renewables and I would encourage anyone thinking about switching or generating their own renewable energy to choose them!’

To find out more about Mackie's visit the website, follow @mackiesscotland on Twitter and like on Facebook. To celebrate Mackie's new chocolate factory and their new range of chocolate, we're also running a competition to win a year's supply!

Find out more about how we power our 100% renewable promise. If you’re interested in supporting a greener future for the UK, get a quote today!

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