How does being with Good Energy fight climate change?

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Posted on: 27.11.2015

Switching to 100% renewable electricity fights climate change.

Every customer at Good Energy is actively helping to support cleaner, greener sources of electricity – including our own solar farms and wind turbines, and over 1,400 independent generators.

You can find out a little about our fuel mix and read about our 100% British renewable sources. That’s how our customers are helping the UK move to a greener future, but what about the planet?

Your impact on climate change

Compared to the industrial processes responsible for lots of emissions, individuals have a relatively small carbon footprint – but it all adds up.

The average person in the UK is responsible for 4.1 tonnes of CO2 each year, and we estimate that the energy you use in your home accounts for about 50% of it (for more information on how we worked this out, check our Good Stats page).

Because no fuels are burned in the electricity we source, no emissions are produced in the day-to-day running of our generators.

Which means that if you’re with Good Energy:

  • You could cut around 50% of your carbon footprint by switching
  • The average customer could save around 1 ton of CO2 emissions (this is per person, not per household)
  • That’s the same as not driving a new car 5,000 miles in the same period!

What does this mean for the UK grid?

When this clean electricity is supplied to the grid, matching our customer usage, it contributes to the growing percentage of renewables in the UK’s fuel mix. This has grown from 3.8% in 2005 to 19.3% in 2014.

Nearly 70 TWh of electricity was generated from renewables in 2014/15 in the UK; if all of this electricity had been generated from coal power stations, British emissions in the same period would have been 62 million tonnes higher.

That difference is the equivalent of taking 39 million new cars off the road for the whole year.

And, with the support of the UK public and Good Energy customers, we really hope that the percentage of renewables in the UK will continue to grow.

Thanks to all our customers for choosing to make the Switch for Good!

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