How we power our 100% renewable promise

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Posted on: 30.10.2015

In the UK, the weather is one of our favourite topics of conversation - and it’s one of our most useful assets when it comes to generation!

At Good Energy, we work with the weather to generate electricity and make the most of every breezy morning, drizzly night and sunny day.

We own and operate eight wind and solar sites and buy electricity from more than 1000 independent generators across the country – from Mackie’s at the top of Scotland to solar sites at the tip of Cornwall.

But it’s not as simple as plugging into that electricity source and taking it straight to the homes of our customers, and that’s where we in the trading team come in.


Balancing the national grid

The National Grid manages electricity flow in the UK. It needs to predict a range of events, from when we’ll start turning on our heating in the winter to when we’ll be turning on the kettle for a tea break every day.

Stations – powered by coal, oil, nuclear, or wind and sun – then transport the required electricity into the grid where it’s carefully managed to take the correct voltage of electricity to the right place at the right time.

In the trading team, we’re doing a similar job: we keep one eye on the weather and the other on customer demand to make sure we generate and source enough renewable electricity to match all our customers’ needs.

So each kWh you use to heat your house, cook your dinner or make a brew is matched over the year with a kWh generated from British sunshine, wind and rain going into the grid

It’s like pouring fresh water into a dirty pond. Slowly but surely we’re cleaning things up.


In 2014, 19% of the UK’s electricity came from renewable generation types. That’s a jump of more than 4% from 2013! Between May and June this year, lower demand and great generation weather meant that more than a quarter of the UK’s demand was met by sunshine, wind and rain.

Of course, 100% of Good Energy’s electricity comes from the British weather – it always has done, and it always will.

You can find out more about our 100% renewable fuel mix on our energy page, and switch online or call 0800 254 0000.

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