An app to track the UK’s climate progress

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Posted on: 25.09.2015



Since the industrial revolution we’ve been dependent on fossil fuels to generate our electricity, but with the rise of renewables things are beginning to change.

Today, if every household in the UK got all their electricity from coal, we’d be pumping 99 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year - equivalent to the weight of:

  • 8,261,010 double decker buses or…
  • 476,597 Angels of the North or…
  • 66,088 London Eyes!

Thankfully coal doesn’t provide all our electricity, and in fact renewables recently outstripped coal in the UK’s energy mix for the first time.

A universal shift won’t happen overnight, but renewables are replacing fossil fuels with cleaner, greener sources of energy and this is having a direct and measurable impact on the carbon intensity of our electricity grid.

What’s happening in the National Grid right now?

Sandbag, the climate think tank, has released an app which tracks how much carbon is in the National Grid (right now!), and where it’s coming from.

This is hugely exciting as it means we can instantly see how well renewables are performing and the direct impact they are having on our emissions.

The Good Energy Trading Team uses state-of-the-art forecasting and similar data to the app to balance the electricity needs of our 55,000 electricity customers, and it’s fantastic that Sandbag have made this information available to all.


I have a challenge for you. Take a look at the app on a sunny or windy day and see the impact renewables are having on our carbon emissions. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Switch to 100% renewable electricity from British sunshine, wind and rain to help take the UK towards a greener, cleaner future: call 0800 234 0000 or switch online today.

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