Cloudy with a chance of renewables

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Posted on: 21.09.2015

Gavin Pretor-Pinney from Somerset became a Good Energy customer in 2007 making the switch to 100% renewable electricity.

But Gavin’s not any old Good Energy customer.

For many Gavin is most well known as the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, an international community of cloudspotters, which now has nearly 40,000 members from across 106 countries.

Since it was first established in 2005, Gavin has become a bestselling author, presented an inspiring TED talk and has even seen the society discover a new cloud type – “asperitas” – the first new cloud since 1951!

“I started the Society because I know how easy it is to overlook the value and importance of our atmosphere” said Gavin. “Since we live on the ground, we tend to forget that we inhabit the atmosphere – we’re in the sky, not just beneath it.”

Photo of Asperitas by Gary A Grant

Photo of Asperitas by Trevor Boyd


Along with his wife Liz, Gavin decided to take his mission one step further by signing up his family home to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity tariff over 10 years ago.

“Even back then I saw that choosing an energy provider can be both the most significant and the easiest way to make a big change to the amount of carbon you add into the atmosphere.

“I saw that Good Energy was committed to supplementing its own renewable sites with a growing network of independent generators – from a farmer with a river turbine, to a family with solar panels on their roof – and thought that it was a very sensible way of thinking about the future of power generation.”

“Good Energy is the only provider to have always had a 100% renewable electricity promise. In an overly complex industry, I like that simplicity.”


To find out more about The Cloud Appreciation Society visit the website, follow @CloudAppSoc on Twitter and like on Facebook.

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