How the UK’s electricity has changed in 10 years

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Posted on: 06.08.2015

It’s exactly a decade since the government began publishing the UK fuel mix disclosure – official statistics of where our electricity comes from.

We thought we’d take a look at how things have changed over that time, and have a guess at where things are likely to go in the future.

Renewables have seen an incredible increase in the UK, rising from just 3.8% of electricity in 2005 to 19.3% now, thanks to new sources including our own wind and solar farms.

There’s also a flurry of generation technologies making waves in the energy market, such as sustainable biogeneration plants and tidal lagoons – demonstrating the exciting possibilities for the future of clean energy.

However, fossil fuels continue to maintain their dominance over renewables, with coal and natural gas accounting for over half of all the UK’s electricity.



How can we make the UK’s electricity greener?

Well, at Good Energy we’ve been providing 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses for over 15 years – it’s a simple idea, and our 55,000 electricity customers will tell you there’s nothing scary about making the switch towards a cleaner, greener future.

Our 2015-16 projected fuel mix contains a healthy mix of different types of renewables – wind, solar, hydro and biogeneration. 

We think this is the best representation of what a 100% renewable energy future could look like, with a balance of different generation sources working together to meet all our energy needs, and ensuring energy security.

We expect our fuel mix to expand to include an even greater variety of technologies in the future, as exciting innovations continue to have huge impacts on the UK’s energy industry.

You can invest in a greener future for the UK by switching to Good Energy today.

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