Spring Clean your Home with Eco-Friendly Vintage Tips

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Posted on: 02.04.2015

We've joined forces with the National Trust to prove that an energy-saving, eco-friendly spring clean doesn't need to be difficult with a series of vintage cleaning tips that are kind to the planet and your wallet.

In our five videos, our cleaning expert Susan shows us how to use the power of nature - as well as lemons, olive oil and vinegar - to get a sparkling home in time for spring.

You can find out how you can use lemons to banish bad odours, use vinegar to clean surfaces, and get streak-free windows and mirrors with newspaper.

We recently asked people how often they have a cleaning blitz, and less than half said they attempt an annual clean up. A sizeable 30% also confessed that they have never ever attempted a spring clean.

If you're among the 41% of people that think spring cleaning is old-fashioned, these videos prove that vintage doesn't have to mean out of date!


Watch the National Trust and Good Energy's vintage life hacks for green cleaning

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