Shaping the future of energy with the Piclo trial

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Posted on: 10.03.2015

New ideas and pioneering technology really get us buzzing at Good Energy.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with innovative energy startup, Open Utility, for their trial of Piclo – the UK’s first online marketplace for buying and selling renewable electricity.

The trial will enable commercial consumers and renewable generators to trade electricity, in a kind of ‘eBay for energy.’

By creating an online marketplace that supports local generators delivering electricity to local customers, Piclo paves the way for a smarter, more dynamic and decentralised electricity market.

This trial provides a glimpse of what a future powered purely by renewables could look like. Our vision is of an energy system where power is in the hands of people, and electricity is generated by the communities who use it.

For all those renewable generators out there, imagine if you could sell your excess electricity direct to your neighbours, or even your own business?

Imagine the local community energy project being able to pick who they sell their power to. And imagine commercial consumers being able to buy renewable electricity directly from specific sites, for example, choosing to buy solar power generated by their local school, or community energy scheme.

The Piclo Trading Engine uses data from half-hourly meters and existing grid infrastructure to automatically match energy generated and consumed.

The trial explores linking individual power users with renewable generators – even if they’re not in the same location or are wired directly up to one another.

Spaces are limited, but if you’re a generator or customer with a half-hourly meter please register your interest to join the trial by emailing us at or visiting Piclo.

This innovative project is backed by The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund scheme run by The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Match funding has been provided by the UK’s leading Tech for Good funder, Nominet Trust.

Ofgem have expressed a keen interest in the project and are following its progress. As utility partner on the scheme we’re working closely with Open Utility to ensure that Piclo meets all regulatory requirements. The trial will last 6 months and kicks off with live customers later this year.

Good Energy has always been about creating new and exciting opportunities for everyone to engage with the electricity market.

Through innovative trials like this we’re unlocking the potential of renewables and shaping the future of energy. We need a far more flexible, dynamic electricity system, one that puts customers firmly at its heart.

We think Piclo is a strong step toward delivering that vision.

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