Europe’s largest electricity generating waterwheel makes a splash on BBC Countryfile

Posted in: Hydroelectricity

Posted on: 16.06.2014

I was lucky enough to be invited to film at a historic beauty spot in Wales recently as Europe’s largest electricity generating waterwheel was brought back to life.

The giant steel waterwheel at Aberdulais Tinworks and Waterfall in Neath, which is looked after by our partners the National Trust, had been out of action for several months while it was being refurbished. Now the stunning hydro, which weighs in at 16 tonnes and measures more than eight metres across, is spinning once again.


Powered by an overflow of water from the River Dulais at the Aberdulais Falls, the waterwheel will generate all the energy needed to provide heat and electricity for the National Trust attraction.  A second hidden hydro called ‘Edvard’, will generate around 400,000kwh a year which will be sold via the grid to Good Energy.  Money raised will go back into National Trust conservation projects.

It really is exciting to see such a majestic, historic waterwheel back in action, fit to generate electricity for this generation and the next. 

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