National Trust launches UK’s largest marine source heat pump

Posted in: Solar Energy

Posted on: 22.05.2014

We’re really pleased that the National Trust Renewable Energy Investment Programme, which we launched together as partners last year, has passed a significant milestone today with the completion of its first project.

The UK’s largest marine source heat pump, off the North Wales coast, will provide all the power needed to heat the National Trust’s breathtaking Plas Newydd mansion.

Plas Newydd was formerly the National Trust’s biggest oil consumer. On some winter days the 18th century mansion was consuming around 1,500 litres of oil a day – the same as a typical house would use in ten months.

Now it will be heated with the new local and clean energy system, which pumps a small amount of sea water from the Menai Strait in Anglesey, through pipes to and from a heat exchanger on the shore, and then up 30metres of cliff face to the mansion’s boiler house.  

The project is the first of five schemes to be completed in the £3.5m pilot phase of the programme. The remaining pilot projects are expected to be completed, or near completion by the end of this year. If they are successful, the National Trust plans to invest in 43 more renewables schemes.

This project shows that cutting-edge British renewable technology can transform the energy use of some our oldest buildings. It has been a real pleasure to be part of this project with the National Trust and we look forward to seeing what the next step in their renewable energy journey will be.

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