Good Energy has been named the most ethical energy supplier 3 years in a row

At Good Energy, we pride ourselves on delivering an ethical, engaging experience that’s as good for you, the consumer, as it is for the world thanks to our sustainable business model. We have recently been recognised as one of the world’s most ethical companies, as chosen by The Good Shopping Guide, for the third year in a row. 

We’re delighted to be named in the top 10 most ethical companies alongside other like-minded companies like our friends at Lily’s Kitchen, UK supermarket Waitrose and natural beauty product creator, Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Creating ethical energy

Not all energy is created equal. At Good Energy we believe in better. We believe in a renewable future with a low carbon grid and an ethical way of doing business. That’s why we’re part of the Social Stock Exchange.

Our mission isn’t just to provide gas and electricity to our customers; it’s to create a structure to help everyone play their part in combatting climate change by putting people at the heart of the solution.

We’re the only energy company in the UK to have always offered 100% renewable electricity.

We’ve always been about doing the right thing for our customers, our staff, the communities we work with and the environment.


Actions speak louder than words

When you sign up for electricity and gas from Good Energy, you’re not just buying any old fuel.

Our electricity comes from our own wind and solar farms and over 1,600 independent renewable generators – ranging from solar panels on organic farms, National Trust hydro turbines in the Welsh mountains and small wind farms at an independent ice cream maker's in Scotland. This is then all fed into the National Grid meaning that we’re making UK electricity cleaner and greener with every new customer we have.

Our Green Gas is carbon neutral thanks to using 10% biomethane and supporting carefully selected carbon reduction projects in India, China and Turkey. These projects don’t just do good for the environment, they also bring economic, social and health benefits to these communities as well.

On top of that we pay all our staff the living wage, calculated to the true cost of living in the UK, donate money to a variety of community projects around the UK and are recognised for great customer service – awarded 4 out of 5 stars by Which? in 2016 and 2017.

We're also huge advocates of using electricity for transport, that's why our electric vehicle tariff has been designed to help you get the best value for charging at home. 

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