We're giving your school the chance to win a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime prize!  All you need to do is talk to yourself... from the future.

This exciting competition is open to individual classes from year groups 5 to 11 in any school around the UK. We're inviting teams of teachers and students to creatively collaborate to bring the message of climate change to life.

The challenge is simple.

Your class has been transported 30 years into the future and the world around you isn't as you know it, due to climate change.

In a short video, a quick story or letter, a photograph or artwork you need to tell your current class what the impact of climate change has had on your local area, and how they can help reduce it. Make sure you talk about what you can do as an individual, as a family and as a community to fight the effects of climate change. 

For the finer details around what’s required, and the full terms and conditions, click here.


“Hi, I’m Juliet Davenport founder and CEO of Good Energy and I’ve got a terrific prize for the winning school: A trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall where you can take part in a fun, interactive renewable energy workshop with me. The winners will also be featured in a short film and there will be lots of press around the day, so prepare to be a star!”

Voting for our ‘Message from the Future’ competition has now closed. A big thank you to all the schools who entered and all of you for voting - we received some really fantastic entries. The winner will be announced on the link below soon!


Remember, there are no bad ideas – so write down
everything that comes to mind! Here are some suggestions to get your creativity flowing.

Write a warning letter

What better way to grab
the class of 2017’s attention
than a warning letter?

Capture the perfect shot

A striking photo could be the
perfect way for the class of 2047
to deliver its message.

Film a news report

We’re live in 4, 3, 2… Anchor
the news and send the headlines
straight back to 2017.