Since the farm was first operational, it has generated a whopping 340GWh of renewable electricity - that's enough to...

This could also keep 680 million laptops powered up all day!

Each household in the UK could have watched 40 hours of TV with the power created by Delabole - that's enough to watch Planet Earth One and Two all the way through and then almost watch them all over again!


*figures are based on electricity output from Delabole wind farm and average consumption data for typical household appliances from uswitch. Energy output for cooking a turkey from utilitydive

Out with the old, in with the new!

Over 18.5 years, Delabole generated 185,000MWh using the old, 400kW turbines.

In 2010, Good Energy invested nearly £12million into Delabole Wind Farm in order to upgrade to some shiny, new 2.3MW turbines which deliver twice the amount of power with less than half the number of turbines.

In the six years the new turbines have been at Delabole they've produced 154,084MWh of renewable electricity - that's 25,000MWh every year. 


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